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paleo vegeo

Homeschooling and teaching my daughter about the digestive system and how our bodies get nutrition. We decided to do an experiment with the whole food capsules I stopped taking in order to start taking the Juice Plus Trio. Now my daughter finds this interesting because she does actually drink the capsules every morning, rather than do to chewables. She loves the chewables, but I give her the capsules in water. LOL... mean mom! And I tell a lot of my clients to just dump the capsules in their green smoothies for quick easy absorption. Here is the at home test information.  These nutrients are just part of the reason the Ketolicious Reset has worked so well for my clients, and our beta coaches testing out the program with their clients. 

my paleo vegan story

I didn't just wake up one day and decide I wanted to be weird. Of course, in truth, I was born sort of weird; however I felt intuitively that I was meant to live a plant heavy life. However, I really wanted to follow the Paleo diet, but with out the meat. Everywhere I looked, they said it could not be done. I don't allow "can't" into my vocabulary - and so I started to transform.