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Barbara Christensen: Creator of The Virtuosoul Journey

Wholism is defined as an idea that different parts are all interconnected and cannot be understood without understanding the entire whole. We often forget the wholism when looking for our purpose and sharing our passion. We each have an amazing gift that we've been given, and it is the driver for every success that you see. There is this disconnect between living that wholistic lifestyle that can be overcome, and I've created a simplistic system to guide others to the same inner discovery that I had.


You see I am what they call a multipotentialite or mulitpassionista. This sends me in many directions, sound familiar? Fitness instructor, holistic coach, mom, direct sales leader, ingredient guru... how do you align all of these passions to your soul purpose of helping heal others?That is where I was a year ago.


After over a decade of coaching I found myself in an interesting space. My central direct sales company merged with another company and I lost the mass of my residual income. I found myself lacking passion when I was working, and I knew that I needed to soul search to re-align myself and make this life something that I was designed to do. I was able to help others find the coursework they desired, I was able to help moms feel healthier, and yet I was like this central theme with no idea map... no vision.


Then I realized something that allowed me to start feeling inspired and purpose driven again. What I was hearing was my own inner limiting negative belief system. ILNBS... and it is total BS. When you let go of this behavior you've stepped over the largest obstacle to becoming the do-yen (specialist) of your own wholistic purpose driven life.

Where do you start?



The beginning step is the FREE Access to the Mentorship Network as well as my free Virtuosoul 12 Week Program. This is where myself and my guru support team are going to guide you through releasing those limiting beliefs, guide you in building your brand, and creating your online presence. We're going to work on getting comfortable in your own skin, and take that confidence into a place of purpose for perhaps the first time in your life. We'll start to design your business map, design your online brand, and identifying your passion statement and creating your doyen core so that you can create something amazing. 

Feel free to start the Virtuosoul Program and getting through one or two of the free Mentorship Network courses first, and when you are ready you can take it even further by joining the Mentorship Network! However this is a special program with a limited number of slots available... but it is for anyone deeply committed to sharing their niche, and establishing their brand. Everyone deserves to serve their soul purpose. I want everyone to be passionate, strong and unstoppable in their heart as they inspire others and envision and manifest their future! Start by registering to for either the free or the Premium program and I will connect with you to support your personal development... but if you aren't sure continue on to read what others have to share about how I've helped them stir the heart songs and create a more aligned, wholistic and healthy life!

What do others have to say:


Barbara has a ton of knowledge and personal experience that gives her compassion and ability to look at the bigger picture.
Tina Hill


Barbara offers a vast (and growing) knowledge of nutrition, holistic/alternative treatment, and fitness. She seems to genuinely care about the welfare of her friends and clients, is kind, and honest. I know that if I have a question about anything having to do with improving my health naturally, I can trust Barbara for sage advice.
Becky Hunter



Barbara Christensen was the first person to give me permission to jump, leap and fly out of my comfort zone in my health, business, and LIFE! She is a powerhouse when it comes to tapping into her intuition, and uses that gift to help others. She is tireless in her efforts and commitment. I am grateful every day for her friendship and insight in my life."

Heidi Totten - Inspire The Sprouts

Barbara of Bija Coaching is an excellent coach and resource for all things health! Whenever I've had a question, she hasn't just answered it, but has provided other insights that help me in making smart health decisions. She also shares lots of great info and resources to my online Nudge Village community. Highly recommend working with her. She's for real. She's experienced. She's informed. Work with her!"

Rebecca Clark - Nudge Village

Barbara Christensen helps people understand that there are more options in your life then what we have been trained to think. Barbara makes you think about the possibilities not the outcome. Barbara has made people think about what the mind, body and your life really need to make you feel in balance."

Mindy Alderson - Seattle Weddings By Design

Barbara is one of the most resourceful connections I have been blessed with.  She is very knowledgeable and patient when it comes to helping with technology. If there is something I can't figure out she's always more than helpful to go out of her way and guide me as well as make other awesome suggestions!  She is definitely in my top 5 as far as fantastic connections when it comes to my business!"

Andrea Diaz - Knockout PCOS



Stop re-purposing your passions into a pre-designed box!! You are unique and your brand so be as authentically you as you can create!

That is exactly what we are being trained to do from birth. Take what worked for someone that is COMPLETELY different than you are, and cram yourself into that model. What it leaves is a dinged up box, with bits and pieces squishing out the tops and the sides, and not a bit of shine for the world to see. Just like I have taught those around me about having a nutritional truth, you have a doyen truth. You have a way of doing things that works, you have a knowing that is like no one else, and you are meant for something bigger than you ever could dream possible. My problem was that I was trying to push myself into this shape, and I'm not a circle, a triangle, a squiggly line or a square... I'm a cosmos of universal energy that cannot be contained, just like you! I never thought I could really pull everything I am passionate about into one fully integrated business - until I did. I know that if I can do it, anyone can! You just need that guide, and that is where I come into your elevated year of something bigger. We all start at the same place, which is everything that we are. You are going to navigate through the energy field, and into the leading position of knowledge in your own tribe. You already own this spot, you just have to accept the role you have been given.

Dan Clark... Les Brown ... Kevin Harrington!!!


How We Do It I Love Barbara Christensen I Bija Coaching I Holistic CoachingConsider my own path, and my career jump to health & healing that started with the energy of my own existence. It began several decades ago with my journey to changing my health and physical well-being. I suffered from chronic inflammation due to food allergies, and severe IBS that was not only debilitating, but took several years to diagnose. This journey started me on a path of realization that medicine can only offer treatment, it cannot offer hope or change for someone like myself. I was determined to find out more on every level, because when you do not feel well as a person, you do not do well as a person.


Since then in my daily life I have met hundreds of people that have experienced the same sort of health problems, and here we are... I have helped so many others to find their truth and heal their beings. Yet so few of us, the amazing souls that we are, the diamonds of desire and pathfinders of so many experiences, have left our doyen sitting on the sidelines. Why are we not sharing our journey? Especially now, I find so insane... you know that the need for  connection to something bigger, to find our tribe, to learn from each other... it's the most significant quest in most of our lives. The world is larger and yet smaller in every way because of this wonder of the internet. We build out our family from far and near with these niche lifestyles - so I know that there are so many people you can help if you just discover how. There are so many people that you should help, and that is why you are here. This program is priced at the group rate of $47/ month for one weekly training in a group, as well as two monthly personal calls. PLUS you get the extra design support and install support to build out your brand website, and create your brand authentically! 


now is the time... you are ready to do big things... what are you waiting for? find your doyen ...


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