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{Shakeology Testimonials}




Here are a few Shakeology testimonials from happy people that have discovered first-hand the rewards this innovative meal replacement shake can provide.

“I started shakeology in Nov 2010 and by Jan I had already lost the 15 lbs I wanted to lose. I was able to power thru my 5am P90X workouts and then enjoy my shake. I love that it satiated the cravings for sweets because of the chocolate milk shake-like taste. My wife used to get 2-3 migraines/week and hasn’t had one since she started drinking it. The way it helps digestion is also a huge plus. Everyone I know that drinks it likes that part, too! If you’re not “regular” then that will lead to problems. Shakeology is a great value for everything it does and you can enjoy each serving for less than a cup of gourmet coffee! Now I sound like a commercial. Lol!” — Steve

“I have been using Shakeology for 6 months. I have Lupus and since using it I have been off steroids and my flares have been few and far between. I have so much more energy and my hair and nails have grown. I actually had an appointment today and my doc said “all of your labs look great. Whatever you are doing keep doing it!” – Julianne

“…at the end of my rope and out of desperation I ordered Shakeology after being sick with illness on top of illness for over a year…sick EVERY day…within 2 weeks, I felt better, had more energy and within 7 months, I was able to come off TONS of medication, including thyroid, menopause, pain meds and stomach meds — I got my life back! — Cathy

“I have lost 113 lbs with Shakeology…I am no longer pre-diabetic, no longer have borderline high cholesterol and have no more blood pressure issues. I am a Shakeology addict…I am a Beachbody addict! Simply put…the stuff ROCKS!” — Cheri

“I love Shakeology! It has increased my energy and I full until lunch time! I am never constipated because it regulates me (we all regularly get constipated at one point or another) I also just came back from a cruise and ate a ton of food and felt disgusted with myself (and forgot to drink my Shakeology while I was there) had a cup after I came home and felt like I cleaned my body out again.” — Jacquelyn

“I Ha lost 30lbs without being able to work out because of herniated discs in my back. Skin is clear, hair stronger, more energy! love it!!!!” — Shera

“I was at a weight lose plateau after my first entire round of P90X. I got Shakeology started, loved the taste and faithfully drank them everyday. Started noticibly feeling better within a week and within a month had broken thru my weight lose barrier! I no longer take Gout medication since starting Shakeology. I have lost an additional 35lbs since starting for a total of 93lbs lost for good!! It was a Game Changer for my health and nutrition. Worth its weight in Gold!” – Tyler

“I can honestly say thanks to you and shakeology, that for the first time in my long life, my weight is finally edging lower. It is the first thing packed in my suitcase. I have been addicted to those shakes. Showed them to two of my doctors - nutritionist and endocronologist, both were very impressed with the ingredients.” — Rita

““I never had a shake that felt like comfort food!” — Jillian

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