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My life is non-stop... managing the house, managing the finances, taxi-cab for the family, homeschooling, coaching clients, creating new programs, getting more education / certifications, building my business, and of course the two top priorities are my health and my family... so what keeps my lifestyle in check:
The first thing that keeps my lifestyle aligned to who I am is by being accountable to it through connecting with other in my industry. I do that through, FB, LinkedIn, email, weekly calls and of course attending conferences - and when I get to go to the main one of the year, Beachbody Summit - it's something that let's me learn, share, meet and enjoy all in one.

One thing I love about the joining my coaching efforts with a company like Beachbody is that it allows me to be a part of a large, supportive group. People that truly care about you, people that want you to succeed on every level - and they give you the tools to make it easier by sharing with you on many levels throughout the week. Being a Beachbody Coach is like nothing I ever experienced in Corporate America when I was running businesses that were doing millions in sales every year.
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I also love that I am accountable to my health in order to be the best mom and wife that I can, but also because it is my business. What other business can you get into that will keep you motivated and on track to your health and fitness goals. It's what they call being a "product of the product" and it really does help me to keep my life aligned to who I am and is a big part of my life map.
Even at retreats and vacations provided by the company (which aren't that hard to earn) you get to see that health really is at the core of the business. What other company do you know that would offer up Tony Horton to do Yoga on the beach in Mexico? I don't think I've heard about any other Network Marketing company doing anything like this at their conferences... isn't it usually all booze and food?


My life starts early - and it would regardless because health is my main priority. It's what will always PUSH (as Chalene says) everything else in my life forward. It's the most important thing in my day, and in my life. It's what my family is about.

So what is being a Team Beachbody Coach like? You share your experience with others, and believe me they are going to ask you about what you are doing when you start leaning up and feeling better. Drink Shakeology for a month and your skin will start to change. Commit to your workout for 60 Days and your closest friends and family will start to notice. At the end of 90 days, everyone will notice. It's not something you expect, but it's something I know will happen.


I'm not saying that coaching is for everyone - or it is the only way to stay accountable to your lifestyle, but it's the one way that works for me. I do this because it's my passion - I do this because it's my love. When you find something that is just so clear, you jump on it. That is what makes me excited everyday to be a Beachbody Coach, and why I'd love to have you explore coaching if you think it is your calling.

The Nourished Warriors of Team Beachbody want you to become what you crave, and this is a business that allows you to join for a very low cost, you come in on a level playing field, and anyone can succeed and change their life - there is no glass ceiling in this business. Are you ready to find out more?

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