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Heart Connections

Intuitive Readings with Barbara ChristensenIntuitive coaching involving reading the energy of situations to allow a client to get direct to the point about a specific question or topic that might or may involve career, love, business, or other areas you choose. This intuitive coaching may involve channeling and heart Chakra energy transfer.

You see I am what they call an intuitive as well as being an empath. This may sound odd if you aren't deeply connected to the fluffier unicorn side of life. But hey, open your mind and let me share a little bit about how all of this works. For me it's like a dripping faucet that I sometimes forget to turn off. Or when I need more I reach out and turn it on and let the water flow.

When I forget to turn it off, that can be hard to live with. Imagine driving down the freeway and suddenly knowing that the person in the car next to you wants to change lanes... and they are not in a position to do that because it was just a thought. It also makes it hard for me if I don't disconnect from a reading with a really needy client. I don't mean needy in the emotional meaning. I mean someone that is doing big things and needs lots of intuition and energy. So that is why I do limit the amount of readings that I can do. As an intuitive empath I can sense and feel your feelings, but I also can tune in to what's possible in your future. They call that a medium or precognitive empath.

This started when I was younger, and I would freak friends out by showing up when I shouldn't have known where they were, or being able to project and see something far away.

Every day I realize that this is a gift, something special that allows me to offer some peace, inspiration and guidance to others.

How does it work?

Intuitive readings are different for every client. Depending on the what you desire, the focus can be on anything. We can work on releasing blocked energy, looking into wellness issues and tapping into your future possibilities, working through a current obstacle, or helping you activate your highest potential.

Typically, during our session there is a lot processing, releasing, and transmuting of energies between us. The way it feels to me is as if energy is entering my body though the crown chakra from the 12th and 13th chakras which pull in universal energy. This flows through my pineal center and pituitary into the 8th chakra that is called the Well of Dreams. To me although I feel the energy it as if the information has always been in my brain.

The energy then flows through the body and out the heart chakra flowing to you. So I may not get everything in words that you need, but know that the energy is coming to you regardless. It may show up in the form of mental, emotional, or physical energy bodies. For some people an intuitive readings can feel like a “talk therapy” session. For others that are more attuned it can feel like having psychic surgery. Either way be prepared for some energy detox after the session is over and allow for some downtime to process everything.

Intuitive Reading with Bija Coaching

Part of the reason I have always had people  fill out pre-session information form is that your energy flows with it. It helps me to see where you need to be focused. What you hear may not be what you desire, and how you treat the information is up to you.
When I was younger my mom could sense that the phone was going to ring. Once when I lied about going into my college classes she turned up at the auto supply store that I was in... where I had never been before. Her date said she just turned to him and asked him to pull in behind the store as they were driving down the road. At that point she couldn't see any cars, but she just knew.

For me I get messages sometimes. After a friend's daughter passed away I was given a bell sound and the words from that iconic movie, "every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings" to let me know she was alright. Sometimes information, or individuals come to me in dreams. I spent three nights talking to a dear friend after he passed away in a little church. When I was struggling with a tremendous amount of stress after 9/11, my grandfather visited me in spirit.

As early as age 4 I knew that I could connect in a way that others could not. I tried to fit into the normal box, but like I've said I'm not a circle, a triangle, a squiggly line or a square... I'm a cosmos of universal energy that cannot be contained. And so I often keep it to myself, but it's an interesting life, and a gift that I am glad to be able to share.

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Barbara Christensen is a Certified Aromatherapist with a diploma in Nutritional Wellness.

Barbara Christensen

She has been coaching others for two decades... Jump over and grab our current freebie to balance your Emotions with Essential Oils today

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There has always been this little part of me that kept going back to comfort foods, back to functional training, back to the basics. I am holistic. I get it soul. I get that my body has a desire beyond my mind. I get that my soul has a spark that cannot be unlit. It's a truth I think I knew even when I was a young girl. I have learned that I know my truth better than any other, I just need to listen for it. And of course I then need to listen to that truth, which is the difficult part sometimes. I finally realized one day that my purpose was simple... I heal... I create... I embrace...Heart, soul, muscle, mind.

I am betting you have spent time wishing you could hire a team of savvy sales people to stay in touch with your prospective clients and encourage them to buy. You can. Clone yourself by using tools in advance, or actually hire someone to manage this for you.

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As a client, a customer, a dream maker, a team mate... there are so many ways that we can create something brilliant together. When we have fun, we go for everything. When we don't stop believing, we contribute to the universe. Are you resisting your business or purpose? It is time to get beyond that turtle mentality, and show up. Be magic. You are.