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Fitness Moms

As you know P90X Certification launched in the spring and has already seen trainers and gyms join us in our mission to help people achieve their goals. I am proud to have been able to bring Rain Fitness in Seattle into the amazing group of gyms offering P90X Certifications as a new offering to their clients. As a Certified Personal Trainer, this was something very near and dear to my heart to bring to moms, gyms, and fitness enthusiasts everywhere!

Now, I am also a Certified  TurboKick instructor with the amazing PowderBlue Productions, and I'm excited that Chalene and Bret Johnson are going to be doing something very special in the next year! Beachbody is officially working with Powder Blue Productions and Chalene and Bret Johnson to expand our Certification business! Think of it like a (healthy) peanut butter cup. Powder Blue = Peanut Butter (PB, get it?) and Beachbody = Chocolate (Shakeology). Two great companies now working together as one awesome combination!
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