My Tranformation


So here I am – 174 pounds. Who though that this could ever happen to the happy go lucky girl that only a few years back was wearing size 2 and 3 pants and loving life. But one miscarriage, one pregnancy and a whole lot of laziness had taken me to a size 17 and a person that I really didn’t even know. She was struggling with severe asthma – could barely keep up with her friends when they’d go walking. She couldn’t walk past a cookie without being at risk of eating the entire bag. She couldn’t keep up with her little one and her belly was out of control putting her at risk of heart problems, especially since she had a hole in her heart. This was me. The me I didn’t understand or know very well at all.

So I started with slow changes. The first change was to get up and move. That meant walking a few times a week. Of course that was great for summer, but then winter I easily fell back into a slacker style of fitness. The next year at the end of the summer I joined a gym. The next step was to train with a trainer who helped me to understand that underneath all of that was some muscles. The problem was that I was having all sorts of latex issues with the equipment and so it wasn’t a good solution for me. Frustrated I went home and started a search for how to keep on track and finish losing my weight. At this point I was down to 158 pounds and struggling to keep that as it slowly started to sneak back on.

Finally I discovered Beachbody and TurboFire. TurboFire was the saving grace for me. It gave me a new found love for fitness again. Most of it I think is the motivation you get from Chalene as you are working out, but also the energy you get when you finish a HIIT workout is insane!! I was daring to be something totally different from who I was, and who I wanted to be. I joined Team Beachbody in January, and it’s been life changing. Shakeology has been the last step in the weight loss puzzle for me. This week I weight 142 pounds – that’s only 8 pounds away from what was myfirst goal, to be where I was when I got pregnant. The next goal after that will be to reach my pre-miscarriage weight of 117 pounds. I believe with Shakeology and TurboFire I’ll be there in just several more months. I see me again! I know me again! I am me again!!!! That is the most important part of this process. I never thought that I would ever lose the weight when I was 174 pounds. It seemed like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. And you may say that’s not much weight… but I’m only 5’0″ tall – you see. That was more than enough!!


This is me in size 10 pants – and they are way too big. Where did that giant belly go?? What about the four chins? Well I’m still working on it, but I’m so glad that I was able to figure it all out.My next step besides continuing with the Beachbody workouts and my daily Shakeology, is that I’m going to now throw the veganism into the ring. I started a few weeks ago, and I feel amazing. The thing that becoming vegan has done for me is that I’m not on a diet anymore. Not at all. I tracked my calories for a few weeks to see if I was getting enough protein because I’m allergic to soy, and even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t eat it anyway. I’m also allergic to nuts. So I didn’t think I’d get enough protein, but I should have listened to what people said – I’m getting plenty. I’ll keep you updated. I should be taking some pics soon – and I’ll post some pics from earlier that will really show you the difference that just a few months have made. I hope you’ll return to see the difference.

I am now wearing mostly size 6 jeans – and loving it. I know that the changes are permanent! And I am so proud that I was able to change my life, and help others. When you are ready I will help you too! Just connect with me.

And what the last six weeks brought me….

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