Take The Real Deal Challenge

It’s easy to get the benefits of healthy nutritionally dense foods with with Shakeology. Simply mix Shakeology in your favorite beverage for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Use your fitness program of choices, and you will feel great while losing weight the very first week.

Most people begin with our Shakeology Cleanse Program, which includes Shakeology mixed with water three times during the day every 3 hours, with a healthy fruit snack and a lean protein and vegetables for dinner. This is done for three consecutive days . If you often crave for food and feel lethargic, the hormone balancing ingredients will help you block cravings, boost energy and you’ll be hooked on the feeling by the end of the cleanse.

During the cleanse I recommend you log in to your account and set up your workout program in the Supergym. It will make it easier to workout. Just log in every morning (or afternoon if that is better for you) and do the workout scheduled. When you push Play in Supergym you will be entered to win up to $500 every time you workout. The combination of the Shakeology, healthy meal planning (you get the meal planning tool and recipes in the Club Membership) and the workout program you chose will start impacting the way you feel very quickly. It should help you stay motivated by the energized feeling and excitement you get as you slowly take your program to the next level.

Fitness challenges can give us more insight into our progression and ultimately inspiring us to push ourselves that little bit harder than ever before to achieve the results we want. By week four you’ll start to see changes in your abilities and your body. Within six – eight weeks your closest friends will see the changes in you. By the end of the program everyone will want to know what it is that you’ve been doing to look so great.

There are always plenty of new ideas being developed for the fitness market aimed at supporting our continuing quest for a challenge. I love that with the Beachbody programs there are all sorts of ways to continue the challenge beyond your first 60 or 90 day go at it. Hybrid programs, more recipes, more ways to enjoy your Shakeology, more ways to rev up your metabolism… and continued support from your friends, your family and the amazing Beachbody Family, including your coach… and that’s me.

Ask your family to join you. Hold a family meeting to kick off your family fitness challenge. Solicit everyone’s ideas — even your little kids can take part — for a goal to work toward. You might want to target healthy eating, increased physical activity, new strength goals, or less screen time. Spell out exactly what you’re hoping to achieve and what you’ll need to do to get there. The more support you have the better your chances are of success. If you are ready to learn more, watch the video below.



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It’s time to lead your life, and stop following those people that have just grown comfortable in being where they are at. Health is essential to living the best life with your friends and family members. Taking on this challenge will allow others to follow your lead, including your children. They’ve discovered that it’s during our youth that we are actually multiplying our fat cells. Once you are an adult you can’t get rid of them, only shrink them. Children need adults to teach them about foods that are healthy for their bodies as well as to model eating healthy foods. They need to learn about what it takes to engage themselves in physical fitness on a daily basis. You can lead by example, and change your financial life as well.

Lead your own challenge group. Create a fit club. You can become a coach and be the leader and become what you’ve always wanted to become. If you are interested, you can sign up as a coach, and get your coaches fee waived when you purchase your Challenge Pack. Imagine… getting a business, the motivation, and the results for the same price you were going to spend anyway.


Team Beachbody Holiday Black Friday Sale 2014 I Barbara Christensen I Certified personal Trainer

    Team Beachbody Holiday Black Friday Sale 2014

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of fitness or send your friends and family something they’ll love all year long—the leaner, healthier body they’ll get from these great Beachbody® values!

Supplies are limited, so act fast to take advantage of these huge holiday savings, available exclusively through Team Beachbody®. Click HERE to start shopping!!


US HOLIDAY SALE (USD) Retail Price Discount Sale Price Club Price Coach Price TV PV
TurboFire® Original Kit $79.90 50% $39.95 $35.96 $29.96 17 30
TurboFire® Deluxe DVDs + Journal $59.70 50% $29.95 $26.96 $22.46 20 22
P90X® + FREE P90X Plus $119.85 58% + Free $60 Gift $49.95 $44.96 $37.46 30 38
P90X2® (DVD) + FREE P90X Plus $119.85 58% + Free $60 Gift $49.95 $44.96 $37.46 30 38
P90X2® (Blu-Ray) + FREE P90X Plus $119.85 58% + Free $60 Gift $49.95 $44.96 $37.46 30 38
P90X3® + FREE P90X Plus $119.85 Free $60 Gift $119.85 $107.87 $89.89 90 90
LES MILLS PUMP $165.95 60% $66.95 $60.26 $50.21 0 50
LES MILLS COMBAT + COMBAT Gloves $59.85 60% $23.95 $21.56 $17.96 0 18
Slim Series $29.90 67% $9.95 $8.96 $7.46 7 7
INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® Vol. 1 $89.85 38% $56.00 $50.40 $42.00 42 42
Hip Hop Abs® Dance Party Series -Rockin’ Abs/Hard Body DVD (1 DVD) $19.95 70% $5.95 $5.36 $4.46 0 5
Barbell Weights (5 lbs.)* $16.90 60% $6.75 $6.08 $5.06 0 5
Barbell Weights (10 lbs.)* $31.90 60% $12.75 $11.48 $9.56 0 10
Beachbody Jump Mat $59.85 50% $29.95 $26.96 $22.46 1 23
LES MILLS COMBAT Gloves $39.95 85% $5.95 $5.36 $4.46 0 4
Stability Ball + Medicine Ball Combo Pack $130.85 77% $29.95 $26.96 $22.46 0 23
Step with 4 Risers** $99.90 70% $29.95 $26.96 $22.46 0 22
Barbell with Speed Safety Clips* $56.90 83% $9.95 $8.96 $7.46 0 7
Ultimate Reset Dry Brush $29.95 60% $11.95 $10.76 $8.96 9 9
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TurboFire® Original Kit $87.90 50% $43.95 $39.56 $32.96 20 22
TurboFire® Deluxe DVDs + Journal $64.70 50% $32.95 $29.66 $24.71 30 30
P90X® + FREE P90X Plus $131.95 58% + Free $66 Gift $54.95 $49.46 $41.21 30 38
P90X2® (DVD) + FREE P90X Plus $131.95 58% + Free $66 Gift $54.95 $49.46 $41.21 30 38
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P90X3® + FREE P90X Plus $131.95 Free $66 Gift $131.95 $118.76 $98.96 90 90
LES MILLS PUMP $181.85 60% $72.95 $65.66 $54.71 0 50
LES MILLS COMBAT + COMBAT Gloves $65.85 60% $25.95 $23.36 $19.46 0 18
Slim Series $32.85 67% $10.95 $9.86 $8.21 7 7
INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® Vol. 1 $98.85 34% $60.00 $54.00 $45.00 42 42
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Barbell Weights (10 lbs.)* $34.90 60% $13.75 $12.38 $10.31 0 10
Beachbody Jump Mat $65.85 50% $32.95 $29.66 $24.71 1 23
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*Limit one per Coach/customer
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Body Combat comes home as Les Mills Combat with Dan and Rachel!

What is this LES MILLS COMBAT With Dan and Rachel?

Les Mills Combat DanLES MILLS COMBAT with Dan and Rachel is an explosive mixed martial arts–inspired body transformation program that will help rip, shred, and lean you out for unparalleled results. Blending dynamic martial arts–inspired training with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), LES MILLS COMBAT pushes your body far beyond where it’s ever been before. You’ll punch, kick, and strike your way to the biggest adrenaline rush—and your best body ever—in just 60 days!

Beachbody® and Les Mills International have teamed up once again to bring you a high-octane workout program based on the immensely popular BODY COMBAT® gym classes taught in 80 countries around the world, with expert trainers, chart-topping music—and muscle-shredding results. Now for the first time, LES MILLS COMBAT is available for home use.

The Les Mills International Pro Trainers Dan and Rachel

Les-Mills-Combat-PreOrderYour LES MILLS COMBAT workouts are led by two mixed martial arts (MMA) experts, Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham. Dan has black belts in kickboxing and Lau Gar Chinese boxing and won the 1996 British Masters kickboxing competition. Rachael is a master trainer with exclusive education from a Wing Chun Kung Fu school, as well as muay thai training in Thailand.

Why is LES MILLS COMBAT so effective?

The secret is Fast Twitch Integration Training—a blend of the most dynamic moves from karate, tae kwon do, boxing, muay thai/kickboxing, capoeira, and jiu-jitsu combined in explosive, escalating patterns. This works your fast-twitch muscle fibers—they’re the ones with the greatest capacity for change—like crazy!

You’ll be burning massive amounts of calories during your workouts and continue burning calories even after your workouts, so you’ll amp up strength and maximize lean muscle definition.

What can training with LES MILLS COMBAT do for you?

• Build lean muscle mass, increase endurance, condition—and incinerate fat—all at the same time
• Develop the coordination, agility, and muscle speed of a mixed martial arts warrior
• Maximize calorie burn during and after your workout
• Improve posture, core strength, and stability
• Build self-confidence, strength, and power

What makes LES MILLS COMBAT unique?

This mixed martial arts–inspired body transformation system delivers real results—fast. Moves from 6 different disciplines were carefully selected for the physical response demand they place on the body as they blast your fast-twitch muscle fibers. This type of training is one of the most effective ways to help stimulate rapid body composition changes. But you don’t have to be a mixed martial arts expert to have the lean and athletic body of one! LES MILLS COMBAT brings you the benefits of a proven global program that will help get you lean and ripped like no other workout on the market. All you need to do is keep it real . . . and stay with the fight!

Now you can get everything that’s included in the LES MILLS COMBAT Base Kit, plus LES MILLS COMBAT Training Gloves—recommended equipment to up the intensity of your workouts and get your best body ever in just 60 days!

Receive FREE SHIPPING when you pre-order by 12/3/2012

Exclusive FREE gift! Get the LES MILLS COMBAT 30: LIVE workout FREE when you purchase through this offer…  A $19.95 value.

LES MILLS COMBAT combines explosive moves from 6 martial arts disciplines to trigger lean muscle development and burn fat. Through 7 high-energy workouts, you’ll watch as your body leans out and becomes ultra-defined . . . revealing your strong, chiseled inner warrior!

Here’s what you’ll get with LES MILLS COMBAT:

7 body-shredding workouts:

LES MILLS COMBAT: THE BASICS. Master the techniques and movements you will use throughout all the LES MILLS COMBAT workouts.

LES MILLS COMBAT 30: KICK START. A low-complexity but high-intensity workout, introducing you to the basic LES MILLS COMBAT combination moves.

LES MILLS COMBAT 45: POWER KATA. This workout combines speed and power with cross-training for complete calorie scorching.

LES MILLS COMBAT 60: EXTREME CARDIO FIGHTER. Challenge your endurance with a high-repetition sequence of moves that will have your muscles firing on all cylinders.

LES MILLS COMBAT 60 LIVE: ULTIMATE WARRIOR’S WORKOUT. Upper body . . . legs and butt . . . core and cardio . . . this workout hits every muscle hard.

LES MILLS COMBAT: POWER HIIT 1. High Intensity Interval Training uses short bursts of maximum effort followed by recovery to push you into muscle-conditioning overload.

LES MILLS COMBAT: SHOCK PLYO HIIT 2. Uses propulsion exercises to improve athletic power and endurance, pushing you into peak performance mode.

Plus, training tools for the Ultimate Warrior:

LES MILLS COMBAT Training Gloves. Engage more muscles in your arms, so you can punch harder, strike with more force, and maximize your workout—building those strong and sexy lean muscles while incinerating calories.

Plus, get incredible tools to maximize your LES MILLS COMBAT workout:

STAY WITH THE FIGHT FITNESS GUIDE. Follow the 60-day calendar for extreme body transformation success. Includes training tips to maximize results.

EAT RIGHT FOR THE FIGHT NUTRITION GUIDE. A detailed eating plan that kicks off your body’s ability to start burning through the fat, while keeping blood sugar constant and helping reduce your appetite.

TAPE MEASURE AND MEASUREMENT TRACKER. Track your progress and watch your warrior physique take shape through all 60 days of the program.

And receive 2 FREE bonuses:

LES MILLS COMBAT 30: LIVE. A high-voltage COMBAT class that was shot live in the UK! It’s designed to carve leaner arms, shoulders, and upper back, while delivering explosive leg training and high-intensity cardio to kick-start your metabolic burn.

ONLINE SUPPORT. Get FREE access to fitness experts, peer support, and extra motivation.



Pre-Ordering Les Mills Combat

Are. You. Ready. To. RUMBLE?
In less than two weeks, our latest workout, LES MILLS COMBAT is going to hit pre-order—exclusively within the Team Beachbody Network. And like PUMP, this workout is going to revolutionize in-home fitness once again.If you’re not yet familiar, WATCH THIS Bruce Lee-like teaser trailer.

Between October 1st and October 31st, customers can ONLY pre-order COMBAT from a Team Beachbody Coach (www.BarbaraChristensenFitness.com). Not only will you get it first, but when you buy from me, you’ll also get FREE shipping (when it ships) and an exclusive LES MILLS COMBAT bonus workout… Free shipping. Bonus DVD. Olé!

LES MILLS COMBAT is the first home-based mixed martial arts–inspired workout program designed to get you a lean, chiseled body—in just 60 days!LES MILLS’ trainers Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham are fearless leaders! As experts in a great number of martial arts disciplines, they will teach you, challenge you, inspire you, and keep you accountable in your quest to unleash your inner warrior—and build an outrageously strong, sexy body.

All of these fat-burning, strength-building martial arts sequences have been carefully choreographed to some of today’s most popular, energizing music—motivating you through the highs and lows of the workout, and driving you to achieve your absolute best results!

No Desserts on a Diet? Shakeology to the Rescue!

You may not realize that you are dieting when you add in some of the joys of dessert with Shakeology.


1-½ scoops Chocolate Shakeology
1 Tbsp. peanut butter
1 cup skim milk

PREPARATION: Mix ingredients in blender. Pour into 4 frozen pop molds and freeze.


1-½ scoops Greenberry Shakeology
½ cup rasberries
1 cup unsweetened cranberry juice

PREPARATION: Mix ingredients in blender. Pour into 4 frozen pop molds and freeze.



2 scoops Greenberry Shakeology
1 cup orange juice
6 whole frozen strawberries
6 to 8 ice cubes

PREPARATION: Mix ingredients in blender until it’s really thick. Pour into container and freeze for 1 hour.
(Makes 2 servings.)


2 scoops Chocolate Shakeology
1 cup skim milk
4 to 5 drops peppermint extract
6 to 8 ice cubes

PREPARATION: Mix in blender until it’s really thick. Pour into container and freeze for 1 hour. (Makes 2 servings.)



4 oz. soft tofu
1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
¼ cup almond milk
1 Tbsp. almond butter

PREPARATION: Put all ingredients in a food processor (NOTE: don’t use a blender) and process for about 90 seconds. Refrigerate for about an hour.

OPTIONAL: Garnish with almond slivers, banana slices, or fresh strawberries.


1-½ scoops Chocolate Shakeology
1 ripe avocado
1 large banana
1 cup almond milk
1 tsp. lemon juice

PREPARATION: Mix all ingredients in blender until smooth. If pudding is too thick, add a bit more almond milk. Pour into 4 small individual dishes and refrigerate for an hour.

OPTIONAL: Garnish with chopped pecans, chia seeds, or walnuts.

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Getting Ready to Transform into a Sexy Beast

There is a secret to being a Sexy Beast

Sexy Beast Lean Schedule

Next week I will be starting a whole new program, Body Beast. You may have read the interview with Sagi Kalev, and if you did you may be shocked to hear about a woman getting into building muscles, but ladies let me share that muscles burn fat. You may need to be careful about how heavy you lift if you have a testosterone medical issue like PCOS, but you aren’t going to bulk up like a guy without using steroids, or suma. I promise. In fact, Sagi, has a LEAN BEAST schedule for those that are trying to lean up, and build up. That’s where I am heading.

So aren’t you afraid of bulking up instead of becoming a sexy beast?

This Sexy Beast Lean Schedule is meant to train you like a beast, so that you look like a beauty. I’ll be using some of the Beachbody Supplements from the Beast lineup like the Beachbody Max Creatine, but I’ll be sticking with a vegan protein supplement, a barley based energy and recovery formula called Genr8 – Vitargo S2 Muscle Fuel & Recovery. Now, it’s not that I don’t think the recovery formulas that Beachbody offers are bad, but I am allergic to corn and can’t use them.

A lot of friends are like, “Wow… are you going to look like dude?”.. Well on an average, men have 16.47 times more testosterone than women! It is clear that women do not have the hormonal support (testosterone) to gain muscle like a “DUDE”. That’s right, and that’s why I’m going to be a Sexy Beast! Bikini fitness models do not look like guys, they look super hot! So if you want to join me and my husband hit Body Beast in this next Challenge Group – head over to BarbaraChristensenFitness.com and head into the shop to pick the package that is right for you. Msg me and I’ll add send you the link to join the private Challenge Facebook group.

Sexy Beast Fitness Models


In the press – 2012

There’s no advertising like free advertising. So, it’s a good thing Beachbody® products are consistently in the spotlight. Here is a selection of our top hits!


Building Muscle Mass… NATURALLY with Body Beast

You want to know about building muscle mass naturally with Body Beast

For real… I was so excited about Body Beast coming out, and then that our company was able to do an interview with Sagi Kalev – and so I wanted to share this with all of you. You know, right now natural body building is getting such a buzz, and there is a reason for it – everyone wants to know about building muscle mass naturally with Body Beast. What is natural bodybuilding? The term natural has undergone multiple revisions in the last few years. A natural bodybuilder must understand and respect their own genetics, and that makes a huge difference. Everyone has the BEAST inside of them, it is just how are you going to bring that beast out?

If you want a rock-hard body that gets attention—commit to Body Beast. Chicks won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Guys will ask how you got so ripped. Train with world-class bodybuilder Sagi Kalev, and you can pack on up to 10 pounds of pure muscle in just 90 days with Body. Guaranteed or your money back less any s&h.** But only if you’re committed to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES.

You need to understand the science of building muscle and how that is different for men and women, and even different for those with higher levels of testosterone – and in fact I can help you also, guys, boost your testosterone level in just 21 days before starting a program like this … if you are interested head over to the Body Beast Website and contact me there. Building muscle mass naturally is something that used to be taboo… because everyone was doing steroids. Muscle growth occurs when muscle fibers repair themselves after being torn by exercise, so there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to learn more about how to take and increase that growth with this amazing program by Sagi Kalev. It promises to build muscle mass naturally with Body Beast without using steroids, and instead using the best, all natural supplementation and the most amazing program we’ve seen developed.

Body Beast workout is one of the only all-encompassing body-building, nutrition and supplement systems on the market. Sagi Kalev, creator of the program, Body Beast, workout is one smart cookie. He takes all of the science out of body building, and brings that into an easy to follow program that allows you to build like never before.


  • Are you ready to improve your health and muscle strength?
  • Get big using one of the most natural systems possible.
  • Are you looking for a complete body-building system that teaches you how to use a healthy eating plan and supplements, the way pros do?

The Body Beast program takes on Single Sets, Super Sets, Giant Sets, Progressive Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, and more to exhaust your muscles, recruit more muscle fibers, and even kick your testosterone levels into overdrive. Following Sagi’s lead during every Body Beast work over the next 90 Days you’ll drive yourself to the edge—every time. You know that body you want? You’ll pay for it in pain. But one look from one hot girl and you’ll know it’s worth it.

So on to the interview about building muscle mass naturally with Body Beast and Sagi

Building Muscle Mass Naturally with Sagi KalevTBB
: Tell us about your background, how you got into bodybuilding, and how Body Beast came to be.

SAGI: First of all I want to say how thankful and grateful I am, for the Beachbody company, the great tremendous amount of people in the Summit. It was such an honor and just what an experience. I was the guy, the skinny guy, the geek that wore glasses, that got picked on that they wanted to put me in a box. Coming from a single mom that would do anything and everything, and just wanted to give me love in so many ways. And as a young kid, you just want to do what you want to do. And I was looking for my calling, the purpose of my life and what are the things that are going to make me happy and who I needed to be. Then one day it just happened that my dad one the one or two times he actually did something with me, he took me to a gym. That’s when I find my passion. My calling. The one single moment, that two hours that I spent in that gym pushed me to where I am today.

From there I just start getting more confident. I was changing so fast. People making comments, and my self esteem was improving. As you know I am from Isreal and in Isreal you have to join the military. And one single moment, and one single day again you turn from a little boy to a man. Holding a machine gun and you’re like. WTH is going on here. And I just want to go back to my room. I don’t have control of it, I take a shower when they tell me. But what I realized was that my passion just didn’t go away. In fact I was so determined to continue doing this that I did my first competition not knowing what to eat, not knowing anything about supplements, and I just wanted to do something. I knew that I was passionate, and let’s just say I basically got my a$$ whooped.

I’m so grateful today that it didn’t just happen for me. I pointed at the guy that won the entire show and I said, “How can I do what he did? What can he teach me?” And so he said to me “Okay, here’s one, two, three; and I was at the time in the military so getting out of base and finding transportation to get to him was almost impossible. But where there is a will there is a way. I would once or twice a week take a bus and drive three times a week for a few hours to get a meal plan, to learn how train. And I got really all of my basics, I was 18 and and for my next show I wanted to do whatever it takes and I sure did. And I tell you what I knew was that now I needed an education.

I went to school and spent a year and a half to study physical education to get  a degree over there, and a friend wanted to know if in between semesters if I wanted a free ticket to go over here (USA) and I fell in love. That’s when I realized that my calling was actually here. It was something bigger than me, but I didn’t know what it was.

I came home and I told my mom that in three months when I finished my last semester I would sell my car, and I’m going to have enough jobs so that I have enough money and move to the US. And she looked at me like I was crazy. Not speaking the language, and not having family there, and not knowing where to go.

I moved to the US and I had $1700 to my name and was not knowing where I was going to go. From here it’s just how I started my journey. I’ll tell you what, my passion, it never went away. I know that the passion and trying to find my purpose, and wanting to be the best person I can be, I knew that doing that nothing would get in my way. I was sleeping in my car, and I shared this with the test group. I said, “You need to be grateful for this opportunity because I slept in my car, eating tuna out of the can just so I can compete. Trying to find a gym so I could shower and so that I could do my workout.” And I was asked, “What keeps you motivated every day.” It’s to live that, to be healthy, to inspire people with my passion. Going to work is effortless if you are passionate about it.

TBB: Well you know it’s interesting when we wanted to create this program (Body Beast) to help people add mass and our development team were looking, and the person we wanted wasn’t a product of a machine. We wanted someone that had forged their own independent path and that was verifiable to be natural. We found all of the articles and youtube videos about how you being the advocate for natural body building. I’ll never forget the conversation where your concept of dynamic set was introduced. (during production of the Body Beast program) That was really interesting because I just though that getting big was a factor of lifting bigger, fewer reps, add food and simply lift big. You had this concept of mixing things up with different types of reps. Can you describe that?

SAGI: Oh absolutely. Well what we try to do was that this concept was so unique it’s about how to increase your testosterone levels for your body as you know when you have more testosterone your body just moves better, you feel better, you grow better. You burn fat easier. Dynamic sequencing is the sequence of the set that is so unique. You are training so hard to keep that specific muscle on a constant pace. The strategy of it is to get the muscle by doing drop sets, forced sets, simple sets, and the intention is for a much more faster and more effective workout so you don’t have to spend two hours on exercising. And you don’t have to figure anything out. That’s what dynamic set training is all about. Get in, get out. Take the muscle, create tension and just GROW.

(and that is exactly what our beta testers found… lots of growth with the Body Beast program)

What supplements do you use when building muscle mass naturally with Body Beast?

Personally chosen by Sagi to work with the  Body Beast program, these products are pure, high-quality fuel that powers muscle growth for mind-blowing results. You’ve got 90 days. Muscle up, and learn more…

TBB: One of the things that’s a little different with this program from the other stuff we’ve done is that we are actually advocating supplements, and the obvious answer is that if you want to put it on, you’ve got to put it in. And create muscles out of nothing. Why is supplementation so important to get these results in 90 days with Body Beast?

SAGI: Supplementation is huge. We put the body under so much stress and as you know when we train our body actually gets into that stress load and that’s when we release all the stress hormones, and that’s when we also feel better. But the thing is, how do we repair? Like I put in the book, that one hour you put in, in the gym, determines then the 23 hours out of the gym. And what’s so unique about it. 2 years ago we sat down in the office and we discussed how can we make those supplements something that will fit Body Beast, and other products also, but mainly Body Beast to create growth, recovery and be user friendly for everybody. And what we did was created the Base Shake. The Base Shake is all natural, whey protein that doesn’t have fillers in it. You can add your own flavor, you can use more or less if you are a female or a guy. How every much your body will absorb. There’s all the nutrients that you need in it.

And the next thing we created was the Fuel Shot with is huge. As you know when you train you are burning a lot of glucose and when you deplete your body from glycogen and what we wanted to do was how to replenish your body faster. After you train your body is really in that fight or flight mode. And when you replace the glucose, the dextrose,  the energy you are  going right into the small intestine (the right amounts of glucose is steadily absorbed in the small intestine) and will reduce bloating and discomfort and get that energy level back, those cortisol levels stabilizing.

Then we’ve got the MAX Creatine. Creatine is just one of those supplements that has just been around that’s a proven supplement to help you seriously get buff, and not to get over fatigued (in a program like this). It’s really one of my favorite products. The best product I will say, is the Suma Root.  That’s our secret weapon for everything that we did to help raise testosterone levels in the body in a way that is safe. Suma root is a plan sterol, but it’s not a steroid, but it will act like one. What I mean by that is it will stimulate your immune system, it will balance your adrenal glands… if you don’t know what your adrenal glands are, they are responsible for the inflammation in the body for your stress hormones. So when you create a balance between the stress hormones and the adrenal glands your body will make the pathways much easier and that’s how you are going to create the muscle easier, your immune system will function and those hormones will just start going ballistic. Again, it’s all in one program, you’ll get BIG fast! It will be safe, and this holistic philosophy that we have it’s all about staying healthy and happy.

Every body’s got the BEAST inside! (LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE or CONTACT for more information about building muscle mass naturally with Body Beast

Order and you'll be building muscle mass naturally with Body Beast

There has never been a better time to give it a try, and start building muscle mass naturally with Body Beast – and with the money back guarantee you have nothing to lose, and everything to GAIN!

Body Beast gives you 12 body-bulking workouts that’ll have you grunting, cursing, and begging for mercy. And because you need to eat right to get big, it also includes Sagi’s in-depth eating plan. This is based on cutting-edge muscle growth science, so don’t expect some wimpy lettuce wedge diet. Be prepared to eat like never before, and then eat some more. Get ready to EAT LIKE A MAN.



I’m Platinum and I Know It!

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21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse Results

I did the 21 Day Ultimate Reset

Over the last 21 days I went through a new program called the Beachbody 21 Day Ultimate Reset, and it is all about cleansing out the toxins, cleaning up your system, and bringing you to the other side in a healthy manner. The first week you start to clean out the very acidic foods from your diet. Weeks 2 and 3 are vegan… but you are always eating during this detox. I admit I had the snack during the entire detox, I just felt I needed it. Many people don’t, but I am still thrilled with my results.

21 Day Ultimate Reset Results

How was the 21 Day Ultimate Reset program?

It was easy to do, with meal plans and menus to follow, and the part I liked the most about it was that I had guidance throughout from the online participant portal, and my upline coach as well just to bounce ideas off of. I even had help from Darin Olien and Dr. Wheeler in the group to change up items that I was allergic to during the 21 Day Ultimate Reset or UR as we call it. How great is that?

What about those results form doing the 21 day Ultimate Reset?

As you can see, the results are real. This not only gave me back the flatter stomach I desired, but I found out that I had a great deal of candida still in my system, but that the Shakeology daily had just been holding it at bay. So I’ll be continuing to take the Revitalize every day, as well you can get the maintenance kit to continue on your journey healthy. I think that you’ll be so thrilled if you just give it a try. Learn more online  MyUltimateReset.com/BijaCoaching


It’s time for real Body Building!!


Body Beast….sounds pretty scary and intimidating huh? This is supposedly the name of a brand new program being released by Team Beachbody (the same people behind the highly successful P90X, TurboFire and the new Les Mills Pump). There is very, very limited information out on this new program, but I’m already getting excited for the Body Beast workout. If you know who’s creating it, then you are going to be excited. Sagi Kalev ( born July 30, 1971 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli fitness model, bodybuilding title-holder, and nutritionist and resident of Dallas, Texas. Kalev immigrated to the United States in 1993 to pursue bodybuilding and modeling. After a four-year tour of duty in the Israeli Army, including participation in Operation Desert Storm, Sagi resumed his weightlifting and bodybuilding interests, capturing two “Mr. Israel” titles in the process, as well as his college education, graduating with a degree in physical education and a minor in nutrition from the University of Central Florida.

What Is The Body Beast Workout?

The Body Beast workout is going to be Team Beachbody’s FIRST  workout they’ve put together that will be solely focused on helping people get the most ripped, muscular body possible. This program isn’t about losing weight; It’s about gaining pure, hard muscle while minimizing/losing the fat. Do you get it?? That’s pretty exciting to all of us at Team Beachbody, because they do not have a workout program designed SOLELY for muscle gain. While you can definitely add size with P90X, that wasn’t the main intent behind the program. P90X was created as a more well rounded program for anyone who wanted to lose weight, just get toned, or to even add some size. I have seen what it’s done for so many people!!

Body Beast promises to incorporate the classic and the latest and greatest body building techniques that work and gives results. The Body Beast workout isn’t about pumping yourself full of steroids or using crazy expensive gym machines. That’s pretty cool because I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for gym machines… and that is never fun!! I promise. That’s why I like working out at home.

Why Sagi for the Body Beast Workout?

He helped hundreds of people to prepare and win numerous national and international body building/fitness competitions all over the world. So he sounds like he knows his stuff and knows what works and what doesn’t work as far bodybuilding. Sagi Kalevhas been a bodybuilder since the age of 16. Wow!!

Who Is The Body Beast Workout For?

The Body Beast workout is for anyone who wants to gain pure muscle mass. From what I heard, they’ve designed the program in a way so that you don’t have to be a NFL superstar athlete to be able to jump into this program. You could just be a beginner who wants to add some muscle mass. Or you could even already be a body builder but just want a program you can do from the comfort of your home. It sounds like they’ve designed Body Beast for anyone, regardless of your fitness level.

With any body building workout program you need to be prepared to invest some money in yourself. It takes a lot of food (no junk food) to gain pure muscle mass. Nutrition is ALWAYS important when doing a workout program, but when you are trying to gain a lot of muscle nutrition is even more critical to your success. If you don’t eat the right kind of food, you’ll probably still gain muscle, but you’ll also gain fat in the process. I always put nutrition first because health is my first and top priority… and nutrition is the key to all of that.

The nutrition plan that comes with Body Beast is going to be focused 100% around the mission to add muscle mass while minimizing fat gain.  And that’s all good for all of us that are excited for it!

Stay Tuned For More Details On The Body Beast Workout…

The last I heard, the Body Beast workout is going to be released towards the end of 2012. I’ll have gone through Les Mills Pump, the hybrid month and the 3 month Hybrid schedule, and be done with P90X2 before all of that happens… so imagine the beast I’m going to be by 2013!!

If you’d like to know when the Body Beast workout is officially released (or you just enjoy fitness in general), then make sure to subscribe to free weekly newsletter by joining me for free at a Free Coaching Client.


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