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Awaken Transcendence with Barbara Christensen

Transcendence with Barbara Christensen I Energy Living

As empathic beings (of which we truly all are) we are tied into this energy that we take to belong to us. We use it for hate, fear, disgust... and most of the time against ourselves. We then take and let that energy burrow down and fester. It creates shoulder pain, tortured digestion, but most of all it creates emotional reactions. What is holding you in a loop? And what is the “secret” to unstoppable attraction and infinite abundance?

Transcendence is about awakening and discovering the tools to clear negativity from your life, release the victim in your being, activate your dream potential, and remove any blocks holding you back from the life you want to live. It is about learning to see the connections of existence so you can do what you came here to experience beyond the normal and physical level we have defined as our sad reality. Through open video integrative trainings you will learn how to cleanse and clear energy and beliefs that do not serve you.

I will be using my intuitive guidance, specific tools of Belief Clearing and our own energetic connecting to the lunar phases of manifestation to help you remove the blocks that have existed for your in this lifetime… awakening you to an inner ability to release those energy blocks, giving you a clean slate to paint your future as you desire.  As you work with me you will start believing in your expansive being, using a variety of techniques of energetic healing (Reiki, Polarity Integration, Hara Raku, Intuned Listening, and more) and creating the ability to flow right through everything that you are struggling with and letting it continue on its way. Click on the image above to learn more and find out how this can help you overcome your empathic sludge and renew your body shell to it's most exuberant form.

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As a Reiki Master trained to support and educate in the full Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki modalities, I have seen amazing things happen for others. This energy isn't just in this room, it is in everything, and can be sent over time, space and all distance.