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What are elements? We each are receptors of the energy of the universe. Arguably, the connection between the gut and the brain is somewhat embedded in our collective unconscious. I have found that your average person has many generations and even lifetimes of implants they are holding onto. On top of that we add more each day when we buy into the belief system that this reality is telling us is truth. When I work with someone to connect to the micro colonies within their bodies, it then allows a deeper connection to the energetic detoxification. Nourishment has to be a focus when you start to work with the elemental energies in your life, and it's easy to get started.

Intuitive Readings

I am what they call an intuitive as well as being an empath. Part of what I love to do, with my energy, is read your energy and pass on messages. Sometimes I do this live on FB, or via appt.