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It's Time To Take back your time

Take Back Your Time Marketing GeniusHave you ever heard of done for you content products? Or workshops? The most basic is Private label right products, also known as PLR, and they come in many different formats with the most popular being written products, such as articles and ebooks. You can also find software, video, audio and visual content with PLR. As for how people make money with PLR, the options are virtually endless. This is similar to hiring a copywriter to pull together your ideas into blog posts, webinars, workshops, social media posts; however most PLR is a whole lot cheaper.

If you are unfamiliar with PLR here is a little more information that may help: 

To get started, let's talk about ebooks first. As a holistic entrepreneur having a great entry funnel can be the best way to build your list, but maybe putting your passion into words isn't your forte. A PLR ebook is traditionally sold for two or three times the average selling price. For example, a 50-page ebook on essential oil basics online may sell for $9.99.  For private label rights to that book, you could expect to pay between $40 and $60 depending on what you are getting, and where the content is coming from. 

While this may seem like a lot, you aren’t just buying an ebook to read. You are buying the re-branding and resale rights. You can edit all or portions of the ebook (which I recommend), change the cover image, add your name as the author and sell it as if it’s your very own to interested buyers for the retail price. So, if you sell it for $19.99 you’ll make back your investment in just 5 sales. Anything after that is pure profit!

Then start driving traffic to your opt-in page and generate interest with online social media posts. You can also hook up with popular third-party website, like Amazon or, where you list your ebook for sale, although I don't really recommend that for PLR. Just keep in mind that these websites take a percentage from each sale, cutting into your profits, but in turn you get access to their massive customer base, so often it’s a good trade. 

When it comes to PLR articles, you have much more freedom. Most buyers take the articles and use them for website content. For example, if you purchase a package of 25 articles on how to create your urban garden, you have 25 pages of web content. You now have the ability to do a series of blog posts to drive traffic to your website, or start a group to share your knowledge with a few great emails to get started with. These are two easy ways you can get started using PLR to grow your business. Here's a few of my customers favorite PLRs.
Getting More Sleep to Increase Productivity I Sleep PLR
Facebook for Growth & Engagement I Facebook PLR 30 Day Living Life with Purpose Challenge I Group Challenge PLR
Declutter Your Life I PLR Bundle Coffee, It's Good for You I Coffee PLR Healthy Fats to Fill You Up PLR Pack I Avocado PLR
Pursuit of Happiness Ebook & Journal PLR 30 Days to Happiness Challenge I PLR Challenge Group Big Smoothie PLR Bundle
Intermittent Fasting FE Report PLR Sugar Detox PLR I Sugar PLR Bone Broth PLR
Huge Health and Wellness Bundle PLR I Wellness PLR PLR Store 30 Days of “Done for You” Content EVERY MONTH I Self Help PLR Membership

PLR Basics You want to spend your money wisely. This involves buying well-written articles, ebooks, good quality video, audio and software products. Just keep in mind that you want to turn a profit too, so take the time to calculate your profit margin as we discussed in your first lesson. For example, you don’t want to spend three hundred dollars on a piece of software that you are going to give away as a lead generator. You will need to know exactly how many copies that you must sell to make a return on your investment. 

Pay attention to the product license. Don’t buy products with many restrictions. While all PLR may grant you the ability to edit and claim the product as your own, some sellers place additional rules and restrictions. For instance, you may only be allowed to use it as your own content and not allowed to sell it or you may be able to sell it to interested buyers, but pass along the same rights to other resellers.

Done For You Social Media Images I Coaching Program

DFY Programs I have to share something exciting with you. My dear friend and colleague, Rachel Feldman, has done it again this season! If you have never heard of the Done-For-You
Programs for health coaches, boy - are you missing out! Wait until you learn about this!
For several seasons I have been using the Done-For-You Programs to help
save myself time and mountains of stress. I do not get overwhelmed anymore trying to
search for recipes or put programs together, even my marketing is done for me! If you take what you do, wrap it into a done for your program, it makes your life 1,000 times easier. Not everyone of us is a program creating machine. Rachel is. So using her doyen with my passion and knowledge, I can pull together a program in a few days rather than a few months. Believe me, it took me months to complete my aromatherapy course, and I wish I would have had some of her genius or her copywriters at my fingertips.

What you have to ask yourself is a few simple question...  (and your business likes it when you ask questions)

Are you tired of trying to do everything yourself?
Is everything eating away at the time you would rather spend BEING a coach?
Does the lack of support running your business alone drive you MAD?
Are you 100x better at coaching than all the back-end work?

Why did you get into health coaching in the first place? I am willing to bet it was partly
because you wanted to help people find fantastic health, and partly because you are so
passionate about something that changed your life. So why are you spending so much time doing planning and marketing, when what you are good at is helping people and sharing your passion?
Let me introduce you to the Done-For-You Programs that will make you geek out in excitement!

These programs lay out every possible plan for your clients, from Detox to Grain Free,
Clean Eating, Raw, Sugar Repair, Autoimmune, Hormones, Gut Building, Revitalize Clean Eating, all the way to Essential Oils Program enhancement meant for the oil marketer. Rachel's programs change with the seasons, and so you should never worry about what comes next, or if too many coaches will be selling the same tools as you. First off, I am going to teach you how to make these all about your brand, and then you are going to recreate these programs as your own.

There's always a brand-new program, including those freebies to funnel in from your cold market. That is why I love watching my business client use tools like these and snap up and sell to brand new clients for long term revenue. Every single program she offers comes with a whole bundle of extras, including marketing sales pages, emails and more. Some of the programs even include social media, professional recipe photos and even more. Hellooooooooo time savers!!! Do you know how long it takes on Canva to create my personally branded FB posts. Awesome, right?!

Let's be honest, with all the other shiny objects out there, I get that you may feel a little on the fence and skeptical about choosing to trust me when I say this will work for you. Did you know that over 8,500+ health coaches and aromatherapists are rocking these tools in their own business, getting clients, and making real money? Do you that she has worked with those top colorful diamond levels in your business, too? So why shouldn't you get access to the same support system as they have?

This is time that you could be reconnecting with your clients!! Grab your first Done-For-You Program today,​ click here to message me and learn more. 

Done For You Wellness Coaching Programs I Aromatherapy, Holistic Practice, Natural Blogs, Wellness Coach


Barbara Christensen is a Certified Aromatherapist with a diploma in Nutritional Wellness.

Barbara Christensen

She has been coaching others for two decades... Jump over and grab our current freebie to balance your Emotions with Essential Oils today

PLR Programs: Self Help Membership 

There has always been this little part of me that kept going back to comfort foods, back to functional training, back to the basics. I am holistic. I get it soul. I get that my body has a desire beyond my mind. I get that my soul has a spark that cannot be unlit. It's a truth I think I knew even when I was a young girl. I have learned that I know my truth better than any other, I just need to listen for it. And of course I then need to listen to that truth, which is the difficult part sometimes. I finally realized one day that my purpose was simple... I heal... I create... I embrace...Heart, soul, muscle, mind.

I am betting you have spent time wishing you could hire a team of savvy sales people to stay in touch with your prospective clients and encourage them to buy. You can. Clone yourself by using tools in advance, or actually hire someone to manage this for you.

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As a client, a customer, a dream maker, a team mate... there are so many ways that we can create something brilliant together. When we have fun, we go for everything. When we don't stop believing, we contribute to the universe. Are you resisting your business or purpose? It is time to get beyond that turtle mentality, and show up. Be magic. You are.