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Design Your Brand

Intuitive Readings with Barbara ChristensenIs this your soul purpose? Then why do you feel like you’re entire life is being time sucked by it?

The secret that you have to first define your brand to fit your passions … then you have to determine how to enhance your market niche to attract the right clients and customers. That doesn’t mean you are looking at each friend like a dollar sign is tattooed on their forehead. It means that you are working with people, and if they have a need that you can support then you want to be able to be at the right moment of the relationship to share it with them. That’s what a true brand funnel actually is.

Here's a fact and not a clever cliche.
Opportunities are not created equal, what makes a great opportunity is timing.

A view like this happens because you were in the right place, at the right time. In nature, just like life, once the moment is gone you cannot get it back.

Every great opportunity has a timeline and expiration date, but in your limited understanding of giving and helping others you will justify it as a scam or a this can't be true.

However ask those that with an awareness, they have no problem with creating a million dollars in possibilities right now! The one who always believes great opportunities are for everyone except themselves will never experience this.

What if you could?

So what is holding you back from the things you want to accomplish in life? Get a free email session by completing this form.

“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.” Anthony Robbins

Workshops and Retreats I Bija Coaching

I’m sitting here tonight listening to the rain pour outside (finally), the way it does on occasion here in the Seattle area. Although I miss the warm weather to host outdoor events, to me it’s almost always this calming, cleansing feeling to hear, to see the rain. It opens my mind to the dreams as I drive down the road with nothing but the sound of the rain on the rooftop. It’s mindful of life. Rain nourishes the world around us. Without it there would be no rebirth of the world each spring. Without it we would not be. It is that vision of nourishing, cleansing, opening up to the possibilities that has created the Bija Coaching brand.

So what are you getting out of the moments in your life that are reflective of your what your brand truly is?

So what is your brand?

– Every time you open your mouth, YOU create your brand.
– These conversations are more important to results than most other business marketing you will ever do.
– Branding can be formal or informal, and your branding plan long or short depending on how you view your business.
– Branding conversations... you are having them already, even if you don’t consciously realize it. You are your brand every day.

So I ask you again, what is your brand? Have you asked yourself, and your business, what it wants to actually create?

I work with all kinds of business owners, but over the last few years I have learned that I work best with the individual that is aware of the energetic version of their business. We each work with others in areas that take us through every aspect of someones life and so if you don't look at your business in that way, you are missing the awareness of what you have to offer. What we do in our career, it changes lives! You must rewire your thinking about your business and brand from the inside out so that your targets are aligned to everything you stand for. You want to walk that walk, and I will take you there. Together we will create possibilities. Are you ready?

Bija Coaching Group Classes
Facebook for Growth & Engagement I Bija Coaching Web Design & Branding Training

Group Classes You want to spend your money wisely, then this is the way to do it. These smaller mastermind classes offer you the education and the community to connect with as you learn.

Specialized Workshops & Retreats From building your Social Media platform, to opening up yourself to eliminating the main excuses we tend use for not doing the things we’d like to do in life . Workshops and retreats happen throughout the year.

Website Design Class Sometimes you need someone to take your hand to get your launch off the ground. There is nothing that says you have to do it all, however sometimes you just need to learn to do it yourself.

While those courses may come and go, here is what I offer throughout the year:

mini Launch Alignment Mentorship Session (30 min.) This quick launch session is an ideal start for a quick, actionable and holistic approach to figure those issues you’ve been sitting on for months, maybe years and move forward with something in your business. We’ll go through your random questions, your brand goals and focus points, as well as custom advice for development.  In each session I connect with my spirit guides and together we intuitively work through what your business is calling for, and what direction you crave to move forward in. These are like no other session you have ever had, and will light you up!!

What you may want to discuss in your Launch Design Session:
Creating an outline for your new launch
Where to start with online development
Discuss alternative funnels for creating a passive residual income for your business
Brand and/or website alignment
Feedback for your next e-book, online course, or blog that you want to create

Investment: $200/session
Current Availability : OPEN
I hold just a few mini Business Alignment Mentorship Sessions each month, except in January where I leave my Calendar very open for those clients looking to create some amazing new possibilities in the new year!! Are you ready? Start Now

Please fill out the questionnaire after ordering your Launch Session.

2019 Mini Launch Sessions I Bija Coaching

Design Launch Alignment Session: This is perfect for creators that already have an established brand but want to tune into your brand power and identify where you are missing your niche opportunities. You will find that with five hours of sessions, you will design without the limitations you have placed on yourself in the past. We will connect with Spirit and let it guide you as to what your business craves, desires, and wishes to become.

Investment: $725 – This includes 5 hourly sessions split up throughout one to two months - I only work with up to 3 Launch clients at a time. Enroll now.

Current Availability : OPEN

Please fill out the questionnaire after ordering your Launch Sessions

Brand Design Program: This is the big design process, where you work through your vision, and I implement the development. We start with a 60 minute brand consultation and mentorship session. I will design 1 main logo + 1 alternate logo, set up of a basic website or blog including development of up to 10 pages of content design with three revision rounds for edits to make sure everything is perfect for your launch. This is up to a two month process for HTML5 and WordPress design work.

Investment: $3,000  for HTML 5 design, $1500 for WordPress design, $999 for Blogger design with non-refundable $425 retainment fee for Brand Consultation.

Please note: Very minimal development and coding is included. If you require more coaching my developer is someone I have full trust in, and will work with me and you at a rate of  $115/hour with a 5 hour minimum.  I only work with 1 Launch client at a time.
Current Availability : OPEN (2019)

Grow Big Integrative Development Program:

Online 12 week integrative business and brand development program that takes you through weekly assignments and four personal coaching calls where we will define your holistic-based network marketing business, and work on your goals and accountability for both self and team.

This builds out your four cornerstones of business growth, and digs deep on your core five priority alignments. You will create a specific plan to qualify your leads and place them in the proper place {lead, customer, team member, leader}. We will build out your specific team development guidebook to nourish your downline for duplicated success.

Investment: $599.00

Availability: I only work with and elite group of twelve  Grow Big clients at a time.

Current Availability : OPEN

Apply for your Launch Session I Business Coaching for Holistic Companies

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Barbara Christensen is a Certified Aromatherapist with a diploma in Nutritional Wellness.

Barbara Christensen

She has been coaching others for two decades... Jump over and grab our current freebie to balance your Emotions with Essential Oils today

PLR Programs: Self Help Membership 

There has always been this little part of me that kept going back to comfort foods, back to functional training, back to the basics. I am holistic. I get it soul. I get that my body has a desire beyond my mind. I get that my soul has a spark that cannot be unlit. It's a truth I think I knew even when I was a young girl. I have learned that I know my truth better than any other, I just need to listen for it. And of course I then need to listen to that truth, which is the difficult part sometimes. I finally realized one day that my purpose was simple... I heal... I create... I embrace...Heart, soul, muscle, mind.

I am betting you have spent time wishing you could hire a team of savvy sales people to stay in touch with your prospective clients and encourage them to buy. You can. Clone yourself by using tools in advance, or actually hire someone to manage this for you.

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As a client, a customer, a dream maker, a team mate... there are so many ways that we can create something brilliant together. When we have fun, we go for everything. When we don't stop believing, we contribute to the universe. Are you resisting your business or purpose? It is time to get beyond that turtle mentality, and show up. Be magic. You are.