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The Time To Get A Coach Is Now

When you take care of your whole self, that is holistic living! That means your life inside and out is aligned. That means food, fitness, relationships, career, soul purpose. This is a very simple way of living that so many of us have forgotten all about. We are living in a fast forward world and we don't know where we begin, and the to-do list ends. And the desire for quick and easy has become the norm.

Sound like a day in your life: Run to the gym, get the kids out the door, grab a latte, check your social media feed! Run to the grocery store, starved, buy too much, mostly junk, rush home to clean, do homework, get to classes, eat dinner, kids in bed. Finish laundry, answer emails, can't sleep, get up, repeat!

It is no wonder that this pace creates stress, which creates cortisol, and hormone imbalance and all of the additional issues that come along with this overabundance of living. It may be epigenetics  is only underlying catalyst to your issues, but your lifestyle is the fuel on the fire

You have started a toxic spiral in your life.... and it's spinning out of control!!

So what do you do to heal your body and become less toxic

That's what a Flash Strategic Session is all about. For 30 minutes we're going to talk about what is going on in your system and figure out if fitness, nutrition, supplementation, aromatherapy, Everyone has a starting point, a baby step sometimes, where they need to be to really focus. More than a program, it's a commitment to your future - and to those that you love to be healthier, and live a nourished warrior, heart centered, amazingly happy life! $200  In January just $99

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A great place to start is often with lab tests. Your doctor can run some panels at your next appointment, or you can order some on your own to get started before hand. Sometimes, depending on your insurance plan, you may get a better pricing plan going through our partnership lab.

The Four Panel Cortisol Saliva test is one that was so important for me. I was about to learn that my cortisol levels spike at night, which was a strong part of why I was struggling with sleep. Just one of the Stop The Madness Thyroid recommended test panels. Additional recommended tests are the Free T3, Free T4 + Thyroid Antibodies,  the Basic Hashimotos Thyroid Panel, my most important the Iron Test Panel, the Vitamin D test (one that everyone could use a check on) and the MTHFR DNA Analysis test.

Another great test is for the Genetic Test for Celiac Disease. More than 95% of those with cealic disease test positive for either HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8. Testing the HLA-DQ genes can be use to support the diagnosis of cealic disease, however, can also be used as a functional marker when determining if gluten products can be added back into the diet. Something that I for one had an interest in because of my family history with this often undiagnosed disease.

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