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Aroma Coaching

Aroma Coaching I Barbara Christensen I Wellness Advocate I Essential Oil Aromatherapy Business

So, how do you know what essential oils you should use? Do you research on your own, feeling confused, not knowing how much to you or if it is even safe?

As an aroma coach and Wellness Advocate, and mom and cheeky green loving gal I use essential oils in my daily life along with other supplemental herbal remedies. This has been an essential part of my life so much so that I went to Bastyr to train with the best. I use a wholism and science to share the love of essential oils with others. I adore telling others about the benefits that I have seen, and that others have seen using essential oils. Friends and family know that I am always the one to have the little bag of magic oils in my purse. My favorite part of coaching others is sharing nature. Seeing the changes that we get from the the gifts of the earth is something incredible.

I also coach other holistic practitioners on how to incorporate the use of essential oils into their practice, and train and mentor them in their business.

Wellness Coaching

If this page was just one sentence that would be it. However I don’t think you’d take away much from that because the concept of nutrition and the implications it has on our lives is epic, and often overwhelming. I know because I have been, and will be again, right where you are. Having a compromised system, genetic mutations, chronic fatigue means that I don’t get to be 100% all of the time. But nutrition, great nutrition, allows me to live the life I love. Fit, happy, driven and purpose-filled. All because of my knowledge as a holistic practitioner with a basis in nutrition, and a lifetime of experience.

There are four levels in what I call my Nourish Protocol which include Remove, Reset, Reclaim and Recover. Some of you may be to reach maintenance and just sit in the Recover level and live happily ever after. However for me there is a continued Rebound and Reflection that happens all of the time, and I am always Redesigning my personal goals and which level I need to be in for the best me possible. Going on a vacation, having family or friends in town can cause a crash in my  system. Getting too active can cause a crash. Eating too many foods from the not-friendly list again can cause a crash in my system. That’s why I developed this system to turn to, evaluate myself and set a course for wellness.

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Strategy Mentorship Coaching

img50There is nothing that says you cannot be happy with your business path both at work, and at home. For many health, wellness and fitness professionals there is a sense of imbalance between home life and business life that makes really feeling aligned to your purpose a struggle.

It’s time to move in a direction that gives you total alignment in what brings you the most passion filled life! Here is what I offer:

mini Launch Alignment Mentorship Session (30 min.) This is what I consider a mini Business Alignment Mentorship Session. The quick launch session is an ideal start for a quick, actionable and wholistic approach to figure those issues you’ve been sitting on for months, maybe years and move forward with something in your business. We’ll go through your random questions, your brand goals and focus points, as well as custom advice for development.   What you may want to discuss in your Launch Design Session:

  • Creating an outline for your new launch
  • Where to start with online development
  • Discuss alternative funnels for creating a passive residual income for your business
  • Brand and/or website alignment
  • Feedback for your next ebook, online course, or blog that you want to create


Investment: $200/session

Availability: 0 … Next Availability Feb 2017   I hold just a few mini Business Alignment Mentorship Sessions once per month. Make sure you sign up here to get on my email list in order to


Design Launch Alignment Session: This is perfect for business owners already have an established brand vision, but want to start working into your brand power and identify where you are missing your niche opportunities. We will develop a full action plan of the tools you need, the goals you want to hit, and create an effective daily time management schedule for your life. We will build out your core five points with reverse engineering to make every step forward achievable and empower you with functional synergy between life and business for an integration of success.


Investment: $725 – 5 hours split up throughout the month I only work with up to 3 Launch clients at a time.
Availability: 1 … Next Availability open Mar 2017

Please fill out the questionaire to apply for your Launch Session.

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Brand Design Program: This is the big design process, where you work through your vision, and I implement the development. We start with a 60 minute brand consultation and mentorship session. I will design 1 main logo + 1 alternate logo, set up of a basic website or blog including development of up to 10 pages of content design with three revision rounds for edits to make sure everything is perfect for your launch. This is up to a two month process for HTML5 and WordPress design work.


Investment: $3,000  for HTML 5 design, $1500 for WordPress design, $999 for Blogger design with non-refundable $425 retainment fee for Brand Consultation.


Please note: Very minimal development and coding is included. If you require more coaching my developer is someone I have full trust in, and will work with me and you at a rate of  $115/hour with a 5 hour minimum.  I only work with 1 Launch client at a time.

Availability: 0 … Next Availability Feb 2017

Grow Big Integrative Development Program: 

Online 12 week integrative business and brand development program that takes you through weekly assignments and four personal coaching calls where we will define your holistic-based network marketing business, and work on your goals and accountability for both self and team.

This builds out your four cornerstones of business growth, and digs deep on your core five priority alignments. You will create a specific plan to qualify your leads and place them in the proper place {lead, customer, team member, leader}. We will build out your specific team development guidebook to nourish your downline for duplicated success.

Investment: $599.00

Availability: I only work with 2 Grow Big clients at a time.

Availability: 1 … Next Availability March 2017