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I have been on a quest to reduce potentially harmful chemicals in the products my family uses every day for many years now. Recently I turned that focus away from just nutrition to look at the skin care and home care products I use after I realized that just about every single skin care and makeup product I had used for most of my life contained parabens among other ingredients, and the toxins in my home care products were a toxic soup. It’s dangers that can have an impact on so many different areas of your health I don’t know where to start.


This was something that as a licensed cosmetologist I should have been focusing in on for the last 25 years as I more than anyone knows that your skin is your largest organ. So now it is time we all consider for our health and what the alternatives are for our future.


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Because of this, I’ve done years of research and partnered with what I consider the premier companies offering the best organics and certified graded products in the industry. These are the trifecta of my Healthy Home, and what my brand as a Holistic Coach is centered around. Helping families create non-toxic lifestyles and healthier futures. If I can help you please connect with me. This is work that matters, as Dave Ramsey would say. And I would love to help you align your health with your passion, and do work that matters to you. And remember that having residual funnels of income is nothing to be ashamed about when it's something you feel passionate about, and love sharing.


NYR Organic has been around for over 30 years. Their skin care is Soil Association certified, and can be trusted to be safe on your skin, and your babies skin as they have an amazing baby line as well. I believe in using these products on your skin, in the shower, and then also you can use essential oils to keep synthetic chemically laden cleaners out of your home. I am a long time essential oil advocate and Certified Aromatherapist. Having trained in the foundations of aromatherapy at Bastyr university, and gaining certification in Australia, Aroma Coaching is something I am very engaged in using in your health changes. Locally I offer holistic appointments that combines bioimpedance, pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth® technologies to generate personalized wellness evaluations. I believe that oils can change our health and support our body in a natural way, and that oils are often the natural answer that the synthetic OTC medications just don’t offer. Our body is built with receptors and a medication that only connects with one receptor may be missing what that “nature plant” connection can offer. It’s why my daughter asks for essential oils by name because she knows that it works, and she feels better quickly. These oils offer natural healing alternatives for families that want to rely less on a synthetic parma lifestyle globally, which makes my reach of natural sharing international. {United States, Canada, Scandivania, Japan, Taiwan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and other parts of Central America.}

Anti-aging is important to me, mostly because being an almost 50 year old mom, with a 9 year old child makes you want to live as long as you can to make sure you are there for those important moments like graduation, the walk down the aisle, having her first baby, and so much more. I have used the TrueHealth Labs to test myself and my family to make sure I know what is going on genetically with our systems. I have also been using vegan protein shakes every morning and sipping on the amino acids as I work. Also I cannot say enough good things about looking into TA-65, and the astragulas supplementation to lengthen your telomeres. Telomeres are an essential part of human cells that affect how our cells age. Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Geneticist Richard Cawthon and colleagues at the University of Utah found shorter telomeres are associated with shorter lives. Among people older than 60, those with shorter telomeres were three times more likely to die from heart disease and eight times more likely to die from infectious disease. Living with a whole in the lower tricuspid valve my entire life, I could use all of the extra help I could come across for heart health.


Nutritionally the soil here is not like it was 200 years ago, and not even as great as it was 50 years ago. Because of this I like to supplement with some extra fresh dried fruits and veggies.  I prefer this as supplementation over a full meal replacement shake, however. I used to use the everything but the kitchen sink approach, but your body requires more fine tuning in my opinion. Again, nutritional health is not meant to be the one size fits all. I like when I make my afternoon green smoothie I can add additional support in that is just nutrients and nothing more from real whole foods. When looking for just a simple, non-toxic, organic, grass-fed pastured undenatured whey product, the only source for me is Action Whey. If you are going to use this product long term (the company has amazing products) then sign up for free as an affiliate because it's well worth the product discount.


I also know now that with any MTHFR or other genetic defects you need to be very aware of your supplements, and if they are methylated or not. So additionally my daily vitamins include 4,000 IU Vitamin D, selenium, chewable DGL, a methylated B Complex, vegan omegas, coleus forskolin and buffered or chewable vitamin C.

I am also a fan of the using the AlphaMeta Alpha-PSP, short for Alpha Poly Saccharide Peptide, as a functional food supplement. It is in my opinion the top functional food and it comes from the native strains of organic brown rice that originates from the Siam Valley region of Thailand. As the name implied, its active components are polysaccharides and peptides. It also contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. Alpha-PSP has been deemed the ultimate fuel for cellular health for a reason; it is known to fight a slew of health conditions including anxiety and depression, loss of sleep, bone and joint problems, brain disorders, reduced stamina, skin allergies, heart disease, inflammation, chronic fatigue, lack of concentration, etc. I believe that it is fully aligned with my nutritional needs. When I was at my healthiest years of my life this was something I was having daily through my friend from Thailand. I took all rice out of my diet, including this, when I started my paleo challenges. I found that it made such an impact it had to come back.


"By giving the body the right molecules (optimum nutrition) most diseases would be eradicated" - Linus Pauling, 1968, twice Nobel Prize winner.


Message me if you would like recommendations for additional at home fitness programs, as I would love to share some of my favorites.Obviously if you order through any of my links, I am earning some residual income from your purchase, and so thank you for any recommendations you look into. Hopefully my process of researching these products to find the best companies out there will help you.

For those in Hong Kong that are looking for more natural health products, I would recommend you look at Berrytime. They believe that a healthy body is the foundation to a happy life. Berrytime is a a company legally established in Hong Kong. They offer a one-stop-shop for all of your health and wellness needs. Shopping at Berrytime is quick & hassle free. So that you can do what you're supposed to- relax & enjoy.