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img50It's hard to help everyone, yet when you have a healers heart there is never enough time because you want to help everyone. It has taken me even me, the people's coach, years to find the right tools to make my vision possible. Being able to finally share my passion in a truly aligned manner is something I've dreamed about happening. This last year I've been blessed by first understanding that what I do truly is a purpose, and not a calling.

I have a love/hate relationship with that word, "calling". A calling is something you come to and leave when it's time has passed. A soul purpose is something that you are driven to do for all of your life. From birth it's built into your heart, and your soul craves it. 

For several years I have trained either via summertime bootcamps, evening fitness classes, personal one-on-one trainings and group challenges. I've tried to increase my reach by offering at home DVD programs, but many clients either don't have the money up front for any of these options, or they can only afford one program and then they are left for the rest of the year trying to use the same program over and over and seeing less results. Or they become truly bored. That's me. I am a shiny object person, or multipassionista. I see many things and want to go after them all. This can be good and bad. For anything like a fitness or nutritional program that is very defined, it's a very bad thing. For most of you that I've coached I know you feel the same way. There are very few of us in life that can do the same things day and day out. Those people are attracted to the comfort zone remaining the same. I'm attracted to the glowing, beautiful shift of life experiences.

Being able to do what I love the most, coaching others to reach their potential, means that I am sharing my doyen!! Having an online training program means that I can keep those friends and clients interested in physical health engaged throughout the year, and be more engaged in their accountability and progress and for more people. I love that!! Having guided wellness programs that I've gone through, that I've created, and that I know works gives me another tool to impact more people. More people impacted means greater heart-centric happiness! I like being happy! Happiness encourages good energy into the universe. And these things allow me to shine where I know my gifts are needed. That is more than one coach could ever hope for.

Online Events:

Weekly : Barbara Christensen VlogCast

January: 6th: Design Your Life Webinar Register
              16th: First Steps to Health Webinar Register

mini Launch Alignment Mentorship Session (30 min.) This is what I consider a mini Business Alignment Mentorship Session. The quick launch session is an ideal start for a quick, actionable and wholistic approach to figure those issues you’ve been sitting on for months, maybe years and move forward with something in your business. We’ll go through your random questions, your brand goals and focus points, as well as custom advice for development.   What you may want to discuss in your Launch Design Session:

  • Creating an outline for your new launch
  • Where to start with online development
  • Discuss alternative funnels for creating a passive residual income for your business
  • Brand and/or website alignment
  • Feedback for your next ebook, online course, or blog that you want to create


Investment: $200/session

Availability: 0 … Next Availability Feb 2015   I hold just a few mini Business Alignment Mentorship Sessions once per month. Make sure you sign up here to get on my email list in order to


Design Launch Alignment Session: This is perfect for business owners already have an established brand vision, but want to start working into your brand power and identify where you are missing your niche opportunities. We will develop a full action plan of the tools you need, the goals you want to hit, and create an effective daily time management schedule for your life. We will build out your core five points with reverse engineering to make every step forward achievable and empower you with functional synergy between life and business for an integration of success.


Investment: $725 – 5 hours split up throughout the month I only work with up to 3 Launch clients at a time.
Availability: 1 … Next Availability open Feb 2015


Brand Design Program: This is the big design process, where you work through your vision, and I implement the development. We start with a 60 minute brand consultation and mentorship session. I will design 1 main logo + 1 alternate logo, set up of a basic website or blog including development of up to 10 pages of content design with three revision rounds for edits to make sure everything is perfect for your launch. This is up to a two month process for HTML5 and WordPress design work.


Investment: $3,000  for HTML 5 design, $1500 for WordPress design, $999 for Blogger design with non-refundable $425 retainment fee for Brand Consultation.


Please note: Very minimal development and coding is included. If you require more coaching my developer is someone I have full trust in, and will work with me and you at a rate of  $115/hour with a 5 hour minimum.  I only work with 1 Launch client at a time.

Availability: 0 … Next Availability Feb 2015

Grow Big Integrative Development Program: 

Online 12 week integrative business and brand development program that takes you through weekly assignments and four personal coaching calls where we will define your holistic-based network marketing business, and work on your goals and accountability for both self and team.

This builds out your four cornerstones of business growth, and digs deep on your core five priority alignments. You will create a specific plan to qualify your leads and place them in the proper place {lead, customer, team member, leader}. We will build out your specific team development guidebook to nourish your downline for duplicated success.

Investment: $599.00

Availability: I only work with 2 Grow Big clients at a time.

Availability: 1 … Next Availability March 2015


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