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My 30 Day Program,  Paleo Vegeo Nourished In 30, that covers nutrition, emotional eating, healing, health and will help you to become fully nourished. This program shares some of my favorite recipes, and will encourage you to create better habits for your health.. It’s time to move in a direction that gives you total nourishment in life!

The NOURISHED IN 30 was my answer to cleaning up my system, staying on track with my goals, being able to build lean muscle mass while reducing my fat cells, and for far less than a sano bella treatment, or even a week of lattes. It’s what has helped me get on track, clear out the cravings, and learn more about my own nutritional truth.

Barbara Christensen I Bija Coaching I Clean Eating ChallengeGeneral diets contain a lot of the fake foods that I believe are keeping our nation unhealthy. .. Grains, Sugar, Gluten, Diary, Meat. This program modifies the common paleo diet to support many of the underlying issues of inflammation that most people don’t even realize they are dealing with, and takes into account research like the China Study to implement a more alkalized option.

I believe that our bodies are meant to be nourished more like that of our ancestors, and as you learn about foods, hormones, emotional reasons we eat, you will also be feeling the sensation of eating nourishing whole foods – maybe for the first time in your life! That means we look at our ancestry to determine what foods work better for our genetic makeup. But we have to remember that we have both our "family tree" and our "DNA tree".

What makes the Nourished In 30 program so different?

The NOURISHED IN 30 starts with Day 1 – 7 of deep cleaning your system and we’ll focus on detoxification and simple cellular support to your body. When you have excess fat on your body, you’re in a bit of a catch 22 situation. Your metabolism is sluggish which causes weight gain and the excess weight gain keeps your metabolism sluggish. The best way to break this vicious cycle is to do an intelligent combination of internal cleansing, metabolic healing, and inflammation reduction. When you do this correctly, you will feel light, energized, and refreshed. Then you’ll see the changes that you have been waiting for!

The Paleo Vegeo way of eating keeps getting more popular

With even Dr. Mark Hyman sharing that he's a Pegan (paleo vegan) we're seeing that this "trend" that I started sharing with others several years ago has some substance to it. Let's consider some facts: 

        Almost a third of adults over 20 are obese; one out of thirteen people have diabetes; and heart disease kills one out of every three Americans. It takes 28 molecules of magnesium to process 1 molecule of sugar, and we are often magnesium deficient.
A new study claims that prehistoric hunter-gatherers ate a much broader variety of foods than proponents of the fad believe. A separate study found that rotten teeth of ancient hunter-gatherers indicate that they loaded up on carbohydrates millennia before the cultivation of grain.
Many foods bear little resemblance to what was available 10,000 years ago, like wild kale, strawberries and bananas. All would be considered genetically modified to what they originally were thousands of years ago.
People who eat the most animal-based foods, especially with how we raise and process our animals these days, were studied in the China Study and found to get the most chronic disease, when compared to those healthier individuals that eat the most plant-based foods. 

    Then truth of what to eat… is finding your own nutritional truth!

The Nourished In 30 program is just a step in finding your own nutritional truth. Because what you should be eating is going to be different from your neighbor, unless of course you are siblings. Those that live the longest healthiest life are the people from Bama. They eat 1500 calories a day, eat fruit every day, as well as one of my favorites hemp. They also eat brown rice and millet, lima beans and mung beans for the fiber, B vitamins and protein. When they do eat animal based protein is is from the river, and very oily fish. What about digestive issues? I rarely have a nutrient wellness session with a client that doesn't have digestive problems. Well, those in Bama they've found have amazing gut flora because of all of those fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) in their plant based diet and the probiotics that they get from fermented foods. I recommend that you take Vitality Reset to reset your gut, and renew your healthy flora. In Bama they have good levels of flora into the century mark! Also the more plant based foods you eat, the more FOS fiber you are providing to your body.    

Remember that Nourished In 30 is just a jumpstart to change on your nutritional truth journey. The real work is only beginning at the end of this program. I want you to be the healthiest you - from the inside through the outside.
In the next few weeks I will be releasing the 21 Day Nutritional Fix Program, so get started with nourishing now as prep work for what is soon to come!