Are Your Ready to Change the way you are integrated into your life?

I ask you as we start this process... Do you know who you are?

I am a wife and mom – first and foremost. Everything else in my life revolves around those people, and my goals are aligned to make sure that I’m keeping that the top priority. I’m a life, wellness, holistic food and fitness coach… well that’s a mouthful. Otherwise put, I’m what they call a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Even as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach I need this clarification to keep me grounded and to keep my goals and action plans elevated to something higher. When you start letting the rest into the equation, you’re creating chaos, clutter and dysfunction.

So my family living a balanced secure life is my top priority. How do I use that in my overall goal creating and my life mapping? I make sure that I am active in creating a security of a happy balanced life for them at all times. That means I’m always available to them, my business is aligned to creating that, that I will remain healthy to be there for them, and that I manage my home and my financials to give them that feeling of a secure family environment always. That’s called aligning to your priorities.

My focus in my business is to help you to figure out your soul purpose, and then to be a part of designing your lifestyle to drive that purpose in a healthy manner that reflects your priorities. Let’s say you are a lawyer, married, 2.5 kids and an active husband. I’m going to help you to define how to drive your career, while letting your family know that they are priorities, by creating boundaries that align with your home life success, and by helping you find the right nutritional and fitness plan to help you keep up with it all. When you finish working with me you will find that your life although fuller and richer, is now more simplified and that you are happier than you thought possible.

How do I do this and why should it matter to you? A new survey says 46% of moms are unhappy. Motherhood is challenging enough, then you add on top of it trying to manage your relationship with your spouse, your friends, your church, your associates – and then business on top of that? Right. You see my point. Without a clear plan and definition in your life you just won’t find the ability to be as happy as you could be. Don’t you want to be happy? Well, living an unfulfilled and unhealthy lifestyle is never going to bring you happiness. So let's start there.

healthy livingSo now I am excited to introduce our new program – Living with E.P.A. – it starts with our Healthy Elevated Purpose Alignment. This group course of 12 weeks will go beyond what you’ve worked on before when targeting your health. You will want to have gone through our Holistic Food Basics free course, because you will not be eating any processed foods during 80% of this 12 week program. This is about creating a real life that is aligned to your soul’s drive. McDrive Through foods are not going to put you in the mindset to attain the lessons you are going to learn in our program. From Day 1 we will be working towards a life life plan that will keep you on the path, with the right tools, for the rest of your life.

This isn't an easy program - but it's well worth it. You'll be working towards a lifestyle of healthy eating habits, healthy fitness habits, a healthy attitude towards yourself and learning about the reasons why you may have failed in the past so that you won't have that feeling of failure ever again. And you'll learn the abilities of your inner strength, and learn respect for yourself, and to see the blessings around you.

Do you respect the blessings you have in your life? By living in the manner that I teach you to live you will learn that the biggest obstacle we have is that we don’t respect our blessings. Think about your relationship with money. When your power bill comes in do you curse that it’s already due again? Or are you thinking how great it is that your abundance allows you to live in the home you are in, pay for the power bill, and live the life you are leading. It’s all in the way you look at it, and that directly changes your manifestation of where you want to get to.

When you’ve worked through our Soulutions Program or not, if you are here you still feel like you are a part of the spin cycle because you haven’t figured out how to define the rest of your lifestyle to completely align itself to your purpose. That’s okay. It happens to the best of us. That is why I first take you through the healthy connections, and then we get into the very deepest core of this program.

map lifeAfter that 12 weeks of getting your body back  and into an Aligned Sync with you inner self, we'll then work through the next 12 Weeks of Map Fit Elevated Purpose Alignment.  This next 12 week program takes you through a functional process of streamlining your daily activities via our Map Fit process to keep that healthy lifestyle while syncing it with your prioritites.




successGet started with this Journey. The won't be another time like today to get started. You life will be different, your fulfillment will be different. You will seek out life opportunities - and you will give up the poor coping skills that have gotten you to the place where you are today.  No more eating your feelings & No More Living Someone else's dreams! Elev8 your Heart!  Buy Now




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