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Barbara Christensen

Barbara Christensen, founding member of the IAC (International Association Of Coaches), started her life coaching business in the early 2000's. She found that helping others is the core of her soul purpose in life. Every client woud come to her out of balance: emotionally, nutritionally, physcially. It was something she vowed to work on with them. As a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Sports Nutritionist, a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach and Independent Beachbody Coach she has been able to live that dream and helps hundreds of people every year.

There is no "I Can't" with Barbara... she teaches you that through commitment, support and nutrition you can finally focus on getting those daily items done that you need to get done. When you are stressed out, reaching for food all day, struggling to see past the next five minutes, it's not going to happen. You are not going to ever take the steps you need to reach your potention and reach for those dreams!

Our Mission Statement: Inspiring a nation of Western Coach wranglers to THRIVE as organically, functional Nourished Warriors, created by living a 360 degree organically based lifestyle!

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Living healthy includes appropriate time for rest and relaxation. Regular sleep is an often skipped, but essential practice for optimal health. Managing stress is also important to maintaining good health. When we do not allow our bodies appropriate time for rest and regeneration, we can compromise our immune defenses and may become more prone to infection and disease. Chronic stress remains a significant health threat and has been tied to numerous degenerative conditions. With a combination of stretching, essential oil infusions and healthy choices you'll find that you'll feel less stressed out on a daily basis.

In spite of our best efforts to practice good wellness habits, we can be exposed to toxic environmental stressors that can have deleterious effects on our health. A good place to start is with a
Detoification Program, daily meal replacement with Shakeology and then using products like the DigestZen Digestive Health products can be essential to your health!

As a Certified Personal Trainer I know exactly what you need to do to reach your healthy goals. It's no longer about skinny, it's about healthy. But I want you to know that even I've experienced the place where you are today. It took a wake up photo to bring me back to the light, and that is why I incorporate Holisic Food Coaching into my training programs. It's a key that is often overlooked. You need to eat healthy whole foods - that
simplifies the process. Move forward every day with making small changes one baby step at a time and before too long you'll be healthier than you ever thought possible. I am so thankful for the beauty that surrounds me here in the Seattle area, but being grateful for where ever you are is something I hope you walk away from my coaching with.


If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.

Walt Disney (1901-1966)